Deadline um END OF SENTENCE: Frábærlega vel leikin

John Hawkes og Logan Lerman í End of Sentence.

Deadline birtir umsögn um kvikmynd Elfars Aðalsteins, End of Sentence, en myndin opnar í dag á VOD í Bandaríkjunum. Sigurjón Sighvatsson er meðal framleiðenda ásamt Elfari.

Gagnrýnandinn Pete Hammond skrifar meðal annars:

End of Sentence is the kind of small but emotionally effective and beautifully acted movie that likely would have gotten lost in the shuffle with a theatrical release. But on digital platforms and VOD, where it becomes available today, the pic is perfectly poised to be discovered and admired, especially for fans of the always-great John Hawkes, who stars as Frank Fogle.


What makes End of Sentence work as well as it does, first and foremost, is yet another pitch-perfect portrayal by Hawkes, so good in past films including his Oscar-nominated work in Winter’s Bone and Golden Globe-nominated turn in Sessions, among many other unforgettable performances. This is another along that line, with a quiet dignity from an actor who brings authenticity to every part he plays. Lerman does a nice job opposite him, even if the reasons for the complete dysfunction on display aren’t spelled out clearly. He is forced to play much of the running time in a morose, unappealing fashion that the Perks of Being a Wallflower and 3:10 to Yuma actor overcomes with some later, more nuanced moments. Bolger adds much needed color to the proceedings, but her role serves more as a device than a fully fleshed-out component here in what really is a two-hander between father and son, and an effective one for the most part.

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