The Guardian um “Ófærð”: Virkilega gott

Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir í Ófærð.
Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir í Ófærð.

The Guardian skrifar um Ófærð sem hóf göngu sína á BBC Four í gærkvöldi og segir þættina “virkilega góða.”

Í umsögn segir meðal annars:

It is Iceland’s most expensive programme ever, and it is seriously, toe-tinglingly, good.

It’s full of heady shots of glaciers dwarfing vicious little herring-towns, and slab-sided chill ferries dwarfing dismembered bodies, and the hulking friendly bear of a local police chief (again) dwarfing pretty women who make warming fish soup. It’s also stiff with human greed and corruption: people-traffickers, and an iffy mayor (shades of Murray Hamilton in Jaws) tempting locals with Chinese investment. And much understatement. “The weather doesn’t look too promising,” muses chief Andri (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), mildly blinking ice from his eyeballs as frozen barn doors hurtle past his head and lodge with a comradely twang in pyroclastic granite.

Between the weather – this is a place, we are starkly reminded, where a bullied child wandering just yards from an open early-evening door can produce the most miserable of consequences – and the venality of adults (just what exactly is with the Danish ferry captain? Just… what?), there exudes the most terrific claustrophobic menace, in the most huggably pleasurable of forms. I, too, am happily Trapped.

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