The Guardian um Á FERÐ MEÐ MÖMMU: Súrsæt vegamynd hittir í mark

Leslie Felperin, gagnrýnandi The Guardian, gefur Á ferð með mömmu eftir Hilmar Oddsson afar jákvæða umsögn, en myndin er nú í sýningum í Bretlandi.

Felperin gefur myndinni fjórar stjörnur og skrifar meðal annars:

This film hits just about every sweet spot possible: it is Icelandic and shot on black and white stock; it is a quirky road movie set in an unlikely place (Iceland); and it has a cute dog and features characters who knit. What is not love? If there had been cats and Ian McShane in a supporting role, it might have got five stars. However, writer-director Hilmar Oddsson doesn’t need to pander to specific tastes because it’s clear he knows exactly what he’s doing with this happy-sad comedy-drama, a film that hovers on the emotional cusp between tones with consummate skill. The story unfolds in long, languid, static takes, signalling both a kind of arthouse melancholy that at the same time reads as faintly comical, setting up a frame for funny business to take place within its confines, provided the timing is just right. […] The comic style is reminiscent of Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismaki, especially the deadpan way the film uses music. At the same time, this is very much an Icelandic film, one that celebrates the breathtaking emptiness of the landscape. Given how often the country is used to stand in for all manner of other places – imaginary (see Game of Thrones) and real (it substituted for Alaska on the recent season of True Detective) – it’s nice to see Iceland play itself for a change.
Klapptré er sjálfstæður miðill sem birtir fréttir, viðhorf, gagnrýni og tölulegar upplýsingar um íslenska kvikmynda- og sjónvarpsbransann. Ritstjóri er Ásgrímur Sverrisson.