„Undir trénu“ fær glimrandi dóma í Bandaríkjunum

Edda Björgvinsdóttir í Undir trénu.

Undir trénu eftir Hafstein Gunnar Sigurðsson er nú sýnd í bandarískum kvikmyndahúsum á vegum Magnolia Pictures. Myndin fær mjög góð viðbrögð gagnrýnenda.

The New York Times setur myndina á NY Times Critic´s Pick, Jeanette Catsoulis skrifar:

Maintaining an unrelentingly gleeful grip on the film’s tone, Mr. Sigurdsson skillfully whips absurdist comedy and chilling tragedy into a froth of surging hostilities. Neither pets nor possessions are spared as his small section of manicured suburbia, soaked in bitter enmity and pearl-gray light, begins to crumble.

Kenneth Turan hjá Los Angeles Times er næstum ofboðið:

Screenwriters Sigurdsson and Breidfjord are fiendishly good at imagining the complimentary ways things spiral out of control, and the actors are expert at making us believe in what the director accurately calls “a war film where home is the battlefield.”

On another level, however, with situations so grotesque it is often an effort to laugh, “Under the Tree” is one of those films that may be more involving to write and read about than to actually see.

It is also a reminder of what people are talking about when they tell you, as they will, that Icelanders have the bleakest of all the bleak Scandinavian senses of humor.

Og hér er Alan Scherstuhl hjá The Village Voice:

The first scenes are hilarious, all sharp surprises and adeptly staged physical comedy. But then the story turns, the way that milk does, curdling into tragedy. You might find the concoction unpalatable; I laughed and cringed and caught myself once in a while holding my breath, dreading what was next. When’s the last time you saw a narrative feature with a genre that was so shrewdly unfixed that you genuinely had no idea what would — or could — happen next?

Myndin er núna með 88% skor hjá gagnrýnendum á Rotten Tomatoes og 70% skor hjá áhorfendum.

Klapptré er sjálfstæður miðill sem birtir fréttir, viðhorf, gagnrýni og tölulegar upplýsingar um íslenska kvikmynda- og sjónvarpsbransann. Ritstjóri er Ásgrímur Sverrisson.