Útlit fyrir frekara “Frost” segir Ingvar Þórðarson

Frá tökum á Frosti á Langjökli veturinn 2012. Mynd: RAX.
Frá tökum á Frosti á Langjökli veturinn 2012. Mynd: RAX.

Frost er frumsýnd í kvöld á Screamfest hátíðinni í Los Angeles og af því tilefni átti hrollvekjumyndasíðan Dread Central smá spjall við Ingvar Þórðarson, annan framleiðanda myndarinnar, sem staddur er vestra:

Chatting with Thordarson (who previously produced the 2009 horror feature Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre, itself a previous Screamfest selection), he stated of what drew him to Frost, “The script writer came to me, and immediately after reading it I decided to do it. It fit the mythology of Iceland, and you never know what is frozen in the glaciers.”

Given the locale, “It was a very, very challenging shoot,” he offered. “We filmed the entire movie on one of the most dangerous glaciers in the world, and the weather was crazy, but that was what we wanted. But sometimes it was too much. One day the famous Greenland Storm hit us, and it took us twelve hours to get to our camp, when it would usually take three to four. We had a fantastic crew and actors though!”

As for what “unknown and deadly force” audiences should expect within Frost, Thordarson teased, “For 1,000 years something has been frozen in the glacier, and it will affect the whole world. We always saw this as a franchise so this is only the start. Beware.”

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