The New York Times um „Hrúta“: Andi gamla testamentisins svífur yfir

A.O. Scott, aðalgagnrýnandi The New York Times, skrifar um Hrúta Gríms Hákonarsonar en myndin er frumsýnd vestanhafs í dag.

Scott segir meðal annars:

Even though they live in rural Iceland, thousands of miles from the Holy Land, and in a modern reality of computers and mechanized farm equipment, Gummi and Kiddi have a decidedly Old Testament vibe. It’s not just the untended beards and the well-tended sheep. The two men, who live on neighboring farms in a quiet valley, are feuding brothers, locked in a sibling rivalry that recalls Jacob and Esau or Cain and Abel. The sources of the bad blood are never specified, but it trickles though “Rams,” Grimur Hakonarson’s new film, like an icy stream.

Kiddi (Theodor Juliusson) is larger, ruddier, drunker and luckier than Gummi (Sigurdur Sigurjonsson), and maybe better at raising and breeding sheep. Neither brother seems to have any other family, but their isolation does not spark any desire for each other’s company. When Gummi’s best ram comes in second to Kiddi’s at an annual contest for local breeders, it’s clear that this is not his first such humiliation. His desire for revenge, which may be aided by something like divine intervention, gives this cleareyed and eccentric movie its plot.

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