Dómar um „Hrúta“ halda áfram að streyma inn

Hrútagengið í Cannes á dögunum.
Hrútagengið í Cannes á dögunum. (Ljósmynd: Brynjar Snær Þrastarson)

Umsagnir ýmissa miðla um Hrúta Gríms Hákonarsonar halda áfram að streyma inn. Hér eru tvö dæmi.

The Film Stage:

Rams is a quiet, contemplative and intriguing film of a subdued nature that continually manages to hold one’s interest. With its naturalistic tone, it’s consistently entertaining in its own right. Part of its charm is due to the tranquil nature of the film but it’s also born from the earnest humanity that emanates from both brothers. There is a natural allure and honesty which extends to the aesthetic look of the film, creating an environment which doesn’t feel too produced but rather a snapshot of organic, country life.

Flix Grikklandi:

Hakonarson’s film manages something truly difficult and almost dangerous: to move effortlessly and successfully among genres, between humour and melancholy, drama and lightness without ever losing its axis. And even if the story seems trivial, he manages to infuse it with so much tenderness, love for his characters and attention to every detail of their existence and way of life that he  delivers a small masterpiece that is impossible to leave you indifferent.

And if this was not enough, his wonderful story ends with one of the most beautiful, moving and magnificent scenes we have seen for a a long time in cinema.

Klapptré er sjálfstæður miðill sem birtir fréttir, viðhorf, gagnrýni og tölulegar upplýsingar um íslenska kvikmynda- og sjónvarpsbransann. Ritstjóri er Ásgrímur Sverrisson.