Haukur Björgvinsson og Tinna Proppé kynna nýja þáttaröð á Content London samframleiðslumessunni

Leikstjórinn Haukur Björgvinsson og framleiðandinn Tinna Proppé hafa stofnað framleiðslufyrirtækið  Sellout og kynna nýja þáttaröð sina Barbara á samframleiðslumessunni Content London í lok nóvember.

Nordic Film and TV News segir frá:

Sellout is the new Reykjavik-based production company led be the young up-and-coming duo Tinna Proppé, who brings with her several years of experience at Sagafilm, where she produced the series Sisterhood and major European co-production Operation Napoleon, and Haukur Björgvinsson, commercials and film writer/director.

Following their collaboration on Björgvinsson’s multi-awarded short film Heartless (2022 Edda best short film), the couple decided to make Sellout their home for bold and original stories for a wide audience, with a strong artistic vision.

“Our vision is to tell stories that haven’t been told, with eye-catching characters or concepts,” says Proppé. “Yes something weird or strange stories, also quite genre-oriented” adds Björgvinsson who cites Parasite, Get Out and Severance among his favourite films and TV shows.

The three projects in most advanced development stages on Sellout’s slate reflect the co-founders’ narrative taste.

Headlining their line-up is the 6×30’ series Barbara, developed for Iceland’s Stöð 2 (Channel 2). Björgvinsson and Proppé exclusively revealed to us that star actress Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir (Woman at War, The Garden) has accepted to take up the titular role.

In the series, the main character is a chess prodigy, Daniel, who suffers from a neurological disorder and uses an electric wheelchair. He has been raised by overprotective adoptive parents, until he discovers that the most popular TV show host of the country, Barbara, is his biological mother. The entire nation sees Barbara as a charming role model, but in reality she is self-absorbed, and hides inner demons. When Daniel suddenly appears, her life crumbles.
With the support from the rebellious Hulda, Daniel will find the strength to break free from his protected life and connect with Barbara.

Björgvinsson says he will involve a person with disability for the second stage of his writing to bring authenticity to the storytelling. “We want those voices to be heard and to involve them at script stage.”

The series selected for the Content London Drama Pitches on November 28, will be available for co-financing and co-production. ‘Ideally, we’d like to attract a strong co-commissioner or co-producer, either from the Nordics or Europe. The series is partly set in a TV station, so we could shoot anywhere basically,” notes Proppé who hopes to start production in the summer 2024.

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