VITJANIR kynnt á Tallinn Black Nights

Cineuropa fjallar um þáttaröðina Vitjanir sem kynnt verður á yfirstandandi Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival í Eistlandi. Sýningar hefjast á verkinu á RÚV um næstu páska.

Á vef Cineuropa segir:

BAFTA-nominated Icelandic producer Eva Sigurðardóttir (The Deposit, Fangar) is working on her first effort as a TV director, a new 8×45-minute medical drama series called Fractures. The project, currently in post-production, has been commissioned by Icelandic pubcaster RÚV, alongside DR, NRK, SVT, YLE and Lumière.

The show, penned by Kolbrún Anna Björnsdóttir (Echo) and Vala Þórsdóttir, is set in a tiny, rural Icelandic fishing village, where 45-year-old Kristin and her 15-year-old daughter, Lilja, move in with her parents, as she faces divorce. A pragmatic doctor, Kristin soon finds herself completely out of her comfort zone as she deals with her psychic mother, Johanna, forcing her to face the ghosts of her past.

However, Kristin’s strict scientific world-view doesn’t go down too well with Johanna or Lilja, causing both tension and friction in their relationships. Johanna believes that she has the gift of being able to see and communicate with ghosts. This is a big part of her identity, and she feels that she has an obligation to share her gift, while Kristin believes that Johanna’s bipolar condition is the real reason for “the gift”. Meanwhile, Kristin has been micromanaging Lilja since her type 1 diabetes diagnosis. But the girl needs to be independent, especially as she’s experiencing love for the first time.

The cast members are Sara Dögg Ásgeirsdóttir, Jói Jóhannsson, Baldur Einarsson, Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson, Katla Njálsdóttir, Þórhallur Sigurðsson, Ragnheiður Steindórsdóttir, Helga E Jónsdóttir, Ísey Heiðarsdóttir, Kolbrún Anna Björnsdóttir, Vala Þórsdóttir, Edda Björgvinsdóttir, Lúkas Emil Johansen, Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir and Sveinn Geirsson.

The main technical crew includes DoP Jóhann Máni Jóhannsson (Let Me Fall), editor Úlfur Teitur Traustason (Let Me Fall), production designer Rebekka A Ingimundardóttir (Pity the Lovers) and costume designer Eva Vala Guðjónsdóttir (Let Me Fall).

Speaking to Cineuropa, Eva Sigurðardóttir revealed: “I believe that Fractures will be a breath of fresh air in Scandinavian TV production with its in-depth drama where the people are the heart of the story. The characters are complex and multi-layered, and they all intertwine through family or friendship bonds, as well as a shared history. […] After seeing the entire series fully edited, I am convinced that we have a strong show with a potential for future series. We can’t wait to get to write the next season, and we have plenty of storyline ideas for season 2.”

Producer Hörður Rúnarsson added: “Fractures is a uniquely constructed, female-led series with a big and intense dramatic arc, but with episodic medical cases. […] The characters are charming and relatable, beautifully constructed by writers Kolbrún and Vala, and further enhanced through Eva Sigurðardóttir’s great directing. We at Glassriver are proud of the show, which we can’t wait to show to the Icelandic audience and the world.”

Fractures is being produced by Arnbjorg Haflidadottir, Andri Omarsson and Hörður Rúnarsson for Iceland’s Glassriver, in co-operation with Belgium’s Lunanime and Iceland’s Askja Films. It received backing from the Icelandic Film Centre, Iceland’s Ministry of Industries and Innovation, the European Union’s Creative Europe – MEDIA programme, Screen Flanders and the Nordisk Film & TV Fond.

The project’s international sales have been entrusted to Denmark’s ReInvent International Sales, which will soon offer it to potential buyers at Content London (30 November-3 December). On 20 November, the development of the Icelandic-Belgian co-production will be presented as a MIDPOINT TV case study during a dedicated panel organised by the TV Beats Forum, the brand-new drama series-orientated strand inaugurated by the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival.

Fractures will be released at Easter 2022.

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