Cineuropa um „Taka 5“: Ein ísmeygilegasta svarta gamanmynd sem sést hefur um hríð

Hilmir Jensson í Taka 5.

Taka 5, fyrsta bíómynd Magnúsar Jónssonar, sem frumsýnd var á Stockfish hátíðinni, er ein ísmeygilegasta svarta gamanmynd sem sést hefur um hríð,“ segir Marina Richter gagnrýnandi Cineuropa.

Richter segir ennfremur:

Shot in just nine days in southern Iceland, with practically no budget, this film, which was originally meant to be a horror, draws its strength from a fantastic cast and a wittily penned script that is bursting with humour and love for the acting profession. Behind it is Jónsson himself, who also served as the producer, composer, costume designer, editor, an actor (he appears in a cameo role as Mr R’s father) and the colour grader of the film. Not counting the actors, Take 5 could have been labelled a one-man show if it weren’t for director of photography Hrund Atladottír, who shot the film magnificently using only a (hand-held) GH3 Panasonic camera, perfectly capturing the different atmospheres as we alternate between the colourful summertime scenery in the countryside and the glum life spent in captivity.


Towards the second half, the film veers into the realms of predictability, but strangely, this is not detrimental to the quality of the narrative. The unlikely friendship that develops between the abductor and his hostages serves its purpose, as it effectively conveys a love and a passion for acting by highlighting the power of creativity and improvisation.

Take 5’s universal, approachable language should make it popular not only with the local audience, but also on the international festival circuit.

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