The Hollywood Reporter um “Sundáhrifin”: Sæt og einlæg

Rammi úr Sundáhrifunum.

Hollywood Reporter fjallar um mynd Sólveigar Anspach, Sundáhrifin (L’Effet aquatique/The Together Project), sem nú er sýnd á Director’s Fortnight í Cannes og segir hana afar sjarmerandi litla mynd.

Jon Frosch gagnrýnandi miðilsins skrifar:

It’s not often that an indie rom-com is actually cute rather than cutesy, but The Together Project(L’Effet aquatique), a French-Icelandic trifle about a man who goes to genuinely absurd lengths to win over the woman he loves, is such a movie.

Directed by Solveig Anspach (who passed away at 54 last year after a battle with cancer) and premiering in Cannes’ Directors’ Fortnight sidebar, this is the final entry, following Back Soon and Queen of Montreuil, in her trilogy of comedies featuring the same handful of loopy, lonely characters. One needn’t have seen the first two films to be charmed by The Together Project, which, minor as it is, feels pleasingly hand-crafted rather than plucked from the assembly line.

Og ennfremur:

The Together Project is very slight (even at 83 minutes it feels a bit long), but its utter and complete lack of cynicism makes the film, in its own miniature way, sort of extraordinary. Given Anspach’s death, this resolutely sunny work also carries an inevitable undercurrent of melancholy — and leaves you with a twinge of longing for all the movies we’ll never get to see from her.

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