The Guardian: “Hross í oss” sýnir eitthvað alveg nýtt

hross_i_oss_posterPeter Bradshaw gagnrýnandi The Guardian lofar Hross í oss í hástert í umsögn sinni:

“Film festivals are places where little movies can wind up punching above their weight. This year at San Sebastián, such a film is the glorious Of Horses And Men, an Icelandic film by the first-time director Benedikt Erlingsson, a former actor who has appeared in Lars Von Trier’s comedy The Boss of It All. […] Some of the scenes are staggeringly explicit and entirely extraordinary: it is not every film that really does show you things that you have never seen before. And yet the film manages also to be tender, delicate and funny.”

Sjá nánar hér: Spanish Beatlemania and Icelandic horses steal the screen at San Sebastián | Film |

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