Cineuropa um „Hjartastein“: Hárfín og hjartnæm

Vittoria Scarpa hjá Cineuropa skrifar frá Feneyjum um Hjartastein Guðmundar Arnars Guðmundssonar og segir hana afar lipurlega gerða.

Scarpa segir m.a.:

It’s a film of ‘first times’: for its director, for its young protagonists, and for Iceland at Venice. Heartstone[+], in competition at Venice Days, is Guðmundur ArnarGuðmundsson’s debut piece, but it’s also the first film to be shown by Iceland at theVenice Film Festival, and tells the story of two teenagers getting to grips with the delicate and cruel transition to adulthood. A subject that has been heavily explored in film, but that focuses here on self-discovery and sexuality, which can prove to be problematic, describing the stages involved with great subtlety.

Og ennfremur:

From the world of games to self-awareness, the transition will be hard, shocking and painful. And with another winter just around the corner, nature – the immense green spaces, the impetuous sea, the rain that seems to melt the characters away, and finally the snow – is there to bear witness to the end of a bright and happy season. A delicate and heartfelt story of friendship that successfully conveys the problems of an age at which it sometimes seems like your worst enemy is yourself.

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