Ásgrímur Sverrrisson í viðtali við Cinema Scandinavia um „Reykjavík“: Rómantíkin í bíóinu

Atli Rafn Sigurðarson í Reykjavík.

Ásgrímur Sverrisson leikstjóri og handritshöfundur kvikmyndarinnar Reykjavík er í viðtali við kvikmyndavefinn Cinema Scandinavia þar sem hann ræðir um mynd sína, hugmyndirnar að baki henni sem og stöðuna í kvikmyndabransanum almennt.

Þar segir m.a.:

CS: The film really makes use of classical movies. Did you want to put your love of film into this film?

ÁS: Yes, I decided to do that but initially my idea was to not really deal with what the main character does for a living. I wanted to focus on his relationship with his wife and best friend. Through the writing process I changed my mind and make his job also his passion. And I decided to use what I know best, which is the cinema. If I was into sports, he would be crazy about football. This really affected the style of film as well because what I wanted with these film references was also describe his inner state of mind – he sees the world through cinema. This is why he quotes films he loves and lives by and also talks about what cinema is about; it encompasses everything in his mind. Many of those films are also the films that I like, so in that way it’s also quite personal.

CS: Most of the films he references are love stories. Are you critiquing love?

ÁS: Not at all, I’m not really analysing those films or making a certain comment about them. It is more about him being very romantic about cinema. I think the romantic aspect of the film is much more in his very romanticised world view he has through the prism of cinema history than in the relationship with his wife , other people or anything else for that matter. How he romanticises the cinema and makes it the meaning of his life. But this is not about so much about the cinema itself, it’s about the passion or obsession that has consumed him.

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