IndieWire velur tónlist Jóhanns Jóhannssonar við “Mandy” eitt besta skor ársins

IndieWire velur tíu bestu skor ársins og í þriðja sæti er tónlist Jóhanns Jóhannssonar við Mandy.

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In “Mandy,” Nicolas Cage goes on a wild-eyed quest for revenge, but the movie’s plot comes secondary to the experience of watching it. Director Panos Cosmatos’ follow-up to his similarly atmospheric ‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’ is a heavy metal tone poem, replete with leather jackets, shadowy landscapes, and unfiltered bursts of rage. Much of its expressionistic power comes from an undercurrent of music that envelops nearly every moment, evoking dread and wonder in equal doses.

The ‘Mandy’ score is one of the best of the year, a fierce emotional arrangement of mournful synth and somber guitars, interspersed with jarring eruptions of percussion — all of which demonstrate the complex vision of Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, who died in February at the age of 48, shortly after “Mandy” premiered at Sundance.

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