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The Guardian um „Rétt 3“: Ískalt íslenskt glæpadrama


Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir í þáttaröðinni Réttur 3.

Sýningar á þáttaröðinni Réttur 3 hefjast í Bretlandi 24. janúar. Channel Four sýnir fyrsta þáttinn og um leið verða hinir þættirnir fáanlegir á netinu gegnum VOD vettvang Channel 4, Walter Presents. The Guardian fjallar um þættina og gefur þeim hin bestu meðmæli.

Hér eru hápunktarnir:

What is it? A chilly Icelandic crime drama; yes, another one.

Why you’ll love it: From Baldvin Zophoníasson, one of the directors of the brilliant Trapped, which was shown last year on BBC4, Case follows Gabríela (Steinunn Ólína Þorsteinsdóttir, also from Trapped), a female 21st-century TV detective who, by some miracle, isn’t immediately fetishised for the way she looks in knitwear or her lovely, effortless hair. She is styled as a normal policewoman (not TV normal, actually normal) investigating the apparent suicide of Lára, a talented young ballerina, found dead at Reykjavík’s National Theatre.

Og síðar:

It is striking from the outset because no character ever diverts the natural flow of conversation in order to clumsily explain who they are, as in so many dramas now, carefully typed out for the less attentive viewer. Even in the first episode, which would traditionally sag under the weight of essential exposition, the dialogue sounds like people talking believably and refrains from constantly referencing characters’ names or motivations. At some points during episode one, I was lost like a lamb in the snow, but I didn’t mind. It’s like a blast of cold, clean air even though it’s in another language and you’re effectively reading it rather than hearing it. You’re expected to keep up, do the graft in terms of concentration and absorb the evidence like a detective. Brilliantly simple, but it works. With a couple of exceptions, you discover new information at the same time Gabríela shines her torch on it, which adds real immediacy.

Og loks:

One warning though: this is Iceland and they’re a lot less shy than the British about open discussion and depiction of teenage sexuality. The scenes which feature this quite important aspect of the plot, while never gratuitous, can still feel uncomfortable to watch at times. Give yourself two episodes to acclimatise and you’ll be hooked.

Where: The first episode is on Channel 4 on Tuesday at 10pm, then the rest of the series is immediately available on Walter Presents on All 4.

Length: Nine hour-long episodes.

Stand-out episode: Episode two for its game-changing properties, just when you thought you had worked out who everyone was.

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